As fall begins, so does the color change of he aspen leaves.

There was lots of open fields with rocks, brush and this here particularly interesting dead tree.

I wandered around and climbed on some rocks.

This hill looks inviting to me.

I did some wiring work. I connected my back up camera directly to my house battery.

A very nice path along a tiny creek thick with young aspen.

The little path, aspen, and the little creek.

A gloomy day but beautiful colors nonetheless.

It sounded lik a racoon or bear and woke me up at 1am.

A view of my camp. I spent about a week here.

A view of the area on a sunny day.

It was a large camping area, with fire pit. And a bit behind was a little path and creek.

The driveway into the dispersed camping area.

A more distant view of the dispersed camping area.

Looking out from the other side if a nearby hill.

From the hillside looking towards camp.

A view of the large field adjacent to forest service road.

He did not want to leave.

Near the little creek.

I had to unscrew a whole panel and prod him a bit to get him out of there.

Another distant view of camp.

He eventually jumped out on to the engine, and then down under the engine on the ground.

Fall colors.


Cooking on my little backpacker stove with cast iron.

A lot of fun rocks to check out and climb on.

Nice landscape here.

I used my dumbbells to secure my little backpacker stove.

It is great to cook and eat outside.

6 days of trash. Living in a van has reduced the amount of waste I produce.