Fall colors near a creek bed. Just a short walk from camp.

I try to take a walk or jog in the morning and in the evening.

Tonight I'm hacking away at some code. I'm trying to access an API from the command line. Looks like I got it after a few tries. But my concentration is broken by what sounds like a Raccoon and a Porcupine playing tug-of-war underneath my van engine.

I got out into the cold dark to investigate. Nothing outside, nothing underneath, but this one inside the engine! The ruckus was a rubber vent partition the this one was trying to pull through a metal corridor in the engine bay.

I had to get my tools and unscrew a vent screen. Then spend a few minutes prodding with my reach grabber before this one would come out.

This one really didn't want to leave. After some more gentle prodding and encouragement they finally jumped to the ground and ran off.