Today is a move day and resupply. I am getting groceries in Deming New Mexico, because the town near camp doesn't have much shopping.

A typical week of groceries. I have everything listed in my todo app on my phone so I can shop as quickly as possible and get back out into the open fresh air.

Looking at the Little Florida Mountains on my drive south to Columbus, New Mexico.

I arrive at the historic Pancho Villa Stat Park. This sign reads:

Pancho Villa State Park interprets the March 9, 1916 raid by the forces of Mexican Revolutionary Francisco "Pancho" Villa on the village of Columbus, New Mexico. The park's Exhibit Hall houses artifacts and displays pertaining to the raid and General John J. "Black Jack" Pershings's Punitive Expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Villa. The park's campground and botanical garden offer excellent birding and wildlife viewing.

Looking across the road and the campground gardens.

Lots of interesting cacti!

Looking beyond the campground boarder, I wonder if that is Mexico in the distance.

Looking back at the main campground entrance road. The water tower is the most prominent structure in the small town of Columbus.

This was one of nicer camp sites here with concrete foundation, water, and electricity.

Wow a real shower with a spot to put soap!

Decent water flow and Temperature. As a nomad showers are not taken for granted. So nice to have shower within walking distance!