I took several similar shots of my van with the beautiful snowy, fall landscape. Here I have combined them into a gif.

This shot up sign used to read: " A major encounter between the U.S. Army and a large group of Utes and Jicarilla Apaches occurred here in July 1848. Old Bill Williams, the famous scout and guide, was badly wounded while fighting the Utes, who had once adopted him as a tribesman."

Looking up from the other side of the road.

What a collage of color.

Another beautify landscape from Cumbres Pass.

Even though i am migrating south to escape the cold, I am glad I got to pass through a goodbye snow storm in Colorado.

Another angle from up on Cumbres Pass.

I had to get my good camera for these shots. I haven't used it in a long time. Luckily I still had some charge on the battery.

I am almost to my destination. Less then an hour from here.

Until next year Colorado!

Finally got to my destination campsite at Lake Heron reservoir in New Mexico.

With the arrival of cold weather it was time to get out my propane catalytic heater.

A new Rye whisky I've been enjoying. The bottle looks like from the old wild west days. you can see little air bubbles in the glass. A toast to making down the mountain through the wintery roads.

My quick cooking set up. A little back packing stove supported by 10lb dumbells.

Alway looking for tasty, quick to prepare foods on the road. This rice pouch is precooked and take just a minute or two to heat up. Taste great with a dap of butter on top.

And dinner is ready!

This campsite had electricity. I can game as much as I want!

Quick dinner set up.

Parked at my campsite for the night.

I liked how my van matches the color of snow and winter clouds.